What is Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening

What is Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening? 

Zoom laser teeth whitening is a technique used to make your teeth brighter and white with the use of zoom advanced power chairside lamp, which helps accelerate the process of teeth whitening. During this process, the bleaching of teeth is accelerated by activating 25% hydrogen peroxide.

With this process of teeth whitening, the dentin and the enamel, which has been accumulated on teeth come in contact with oxygen, which breaks down the extra layer on the teeth and give you rid of stained substances that had made your teeth look yellow or unpleasant. Apart from getting your teeth back to their real-whitening state, the best of the zoom laser teeth whitening is that it does not put any impact on the teeth health.

Things to do before undergoing the zoom laser teeth whitening

You need not to worry about anything; however, it is advisable to visit your dentist first and discuss about this technology. There are a few things that the dentist needs to check, including the current health of your teeth, gums, etc. Your eating habits and lifestyle may also be discussed. And, once the discussion is over, your dentist may recommend you to go ahead with zoom laser teeth whitening.

Procedure of zoom laser teeth whitening

First, the dentist will safely cover your gums and lips so that only your teeth are exposed to the procedure. After that, the teeth whitening gel hat that contains hydrogen peroxide will be applied to your teeth. This gel is very important because with the help of it the zoom light will penetrate your teeth and remove the discoloration and stains. For about 15 minutes, the gel will remain while the zoom light will be on. After 15 minutes, the dentist will apply the gel again and the zoom light will start its work again for 15 minutes. This procedure is repeated three times, meaning you will undergo the procedure for 45 minutes, getting you the natural white teeth back once again. So, stay relaxed during this period and let the dentist do his work. After the dentist is done with the procedure, the fluoride paste gel will be applied to your teeth to reduce the sensitivity.

What should be done after the procedure?

After the procedure is completed and you are ready to leave the floor, your dentist will give you a zoom kit for home use. This kit has custom fitted whitening trays. You need to use this kit based on the instructions that your dentist will provide you. The dentist may also suggest you to avoid some beverages and foods to ensure that your teeth remain white always. Follow the dentist’s advice very carefully.

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